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A person of the crossroads making notes while tracking patterns in relationships within the Web of Life and its Mystery

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Gulf Oil Spill

I don't think there is anything prescriptive to say about the enormous disaster in the Gulf. It is a turning point when we are mandated to examine our lifestyles and everyday activities to align them with our belief and rhetoric around our relationship with this living planet that is our mother and our home. I think about my life of travel for work and realize that however I construct my life from this moment it cannot depend upon unlimited amounts of fossil fuel to carry me from one place to the next for my livelihood. That may not be everyone's decision but we are being called to look at our decisions in light of their impact upon our home. Our practice is gratitude for the our lives and our home which are all a part of the natural patterns and our action is to live in awareness of our dependence on this planet and interdependence with all life on it. We are well past the point of convincing others to do something different. We seem squarely in the eye of the storm and the call to re-purpose our human systems (beginning with our individual life) so that they are centered on the well being of all life.

We are beyond teaching and back to learning - how to be a part of our world in a way that springs from relationship and gratitude and inspires hope.