2 trees wandering

A person of the crossroads making notes while tracking patterns in relationships within the Web of Life and its Mystery

Saturday, March 14, 2009

As the world shifts and changes and we become more and more nomadic, more global and more fragmented, I am suggesting that we create hope for the next generations through the evolution of the collective awareness of our natural state of relationship and learning.
Science tells us that even though we cling to ideas of sustainability that in fact. In fact we are past the point of sustainability. Many scientists and policy makers project that the future of sustainability as currently defined presents a planet inhospitable to much of the current life of the planet including humans.
The signposts of the current landscape of sustainability thinking is full of repeating patterns of fragmented living, learning and thinking; separation from nature and natural cycles and rhythms by regulating human activity with mechanical processes. Even the holistic is viewed as a fragment and cannot provide a model of wholeness while well being is relegated to the margins of visioning.
We have developed a language of sustainability with enough emotional resonance to create the illusion of congruence while co-opting the vitality of a holistic vision of the future.
What we are being asked is to expand into the miraculous possibilities of this time. What we need to meet this challenge is a new orientation.
What we need is a new orientation for the cartography of interdependence and wholeness. We need compass points to align us with the larger web of relationship, our specific place in the moment and the mechanism that corrects our course. Our hope for the future is to recalibrate human consciousness beyond ideas of sustainability towards dynamic regeneration.
“As I think about the role of nature – the patterns of nature and the patterns of individuals – I’m reminded of Tom Johnson’s definition of learning as “discovering and embodying nature's patterns.” He speaks of nature as focused primarily on patterns, which increasingly diversify through a process of interdependent self-organization. For Johnson, we need to understand, in deeper, organic, and systemic ways, the ways in which nature works. But just as importantly, we need to embody those understandings as a way of reconnecting the fragmentation of our world.” -Linda O’Toole
This reconnection is the essential of dynamic regeneration. and the pathway to relationship that recognizes the inherent learning in each of us and the web of life that connects us. We move into the vision of our future by re-energizing and responding to the regenerative power of the dynamics of each moment. There are four keys:
o Remember
o Embody
o Model
o Share
What generates hope is the experience of each moment met with a willingness to find possibility more invigorating than fear of the unknown. At each crucial moment we can listen for the subtle ley lines where miracles are nourished by our unique capacity to learn.
Living right now with the Earth as she changes with us and around us reflected in the changes in our global economic structures, social and environmental challenges, intellectual/emotional turmoil - the currents of possibility intersect with the challenges to our sense of stability and safety. This intersection can be the portal to a future that we continue to promise to ourselves and future generations as possible.