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Friday, February 13, 2009

I have never before written a message like this and especially one that seems to be linked to our political system. Today I feel called to send this thought out to my friends and colleagues.

I have been watching the news and in the last few days I have been aware of a feeling that all of the love, support and enthusiasm (golden light) we showered on Obama during the campaign and inaugaration has been refocused on our own lives. Each day he seems more alone in the challenges he faces as our own challenges take more of our attention. I wanted to write to my dearest friends to remind myself and all of us who can see the extent to which his leadership can change consciousness that he needs our energy every day and now more than ever to make that shift.

If he and his work is already on your altar and in your daily practice even for a moment then I ask forgiveness for stating the obviousness and if not I hope that you will draw on the jubilation that we all shared at the inaugaration and bring that joy, support and hope to today and the days ahead in any small way that you can imagine. This is what Obama asked of us in support of the change we all know is needed and each day we can choose to respond to that call.

It is the energy of all of us standing with him even when the news shows a compromising and bleak picture that will provide the momentum for change as it did in the election.


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